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Carisbrooke and Old Cork Full Day Tour

Travel to the Old Cork homestead ruins and the Diamantina River and enjoy the peaceful riverine surrounds.  Then venture down the old Cobb & Co track to Carisbrooke Station and discover the stations past and present including the keyline irrigation systems.

Enjoy the scenic drive along Cory’s Range visiting spectacular natural formations like the Three Sisters and Python Gorge.  Try your hand at noodling for opal and visit the site where the Swoose made a forced landing in 1942.  This tour is steeped in both human and natural history of the Winton region and showcases the beautiful scenery of the jump-up (mesa) country.

Departs:  Saturday and on demand

Includes:  Morning tea and Lunch, Access to Carisbrooke Station, Old Cork Homestead Ruins, Diamantina River

Pick up at approx 8 am and return approx 5 pm

Adults $150  Seniors $140  Child  $90 Family $450


Dinosaur Stampede 3/4 Day Tour

Journey through Winton’s mesa country to see a snapshot of an ancient environment and dinosaur footprints from 95 million years ago.  Lark Quarry Conservation Park hosts the only known dinosaur stampede in the world with more than 3300 footprints preserved.

You will enjoy the guided tour of the stampede and after lunch travel onto grazing property ti discover the hidden treasures of the vast landscape that you’ll only experience on this tour.  Visit the Merton Gorge and be mesmerized by views as far a the eye can see.

Departs:  Wednesday, Friday and on demand

Includes:  Tour at Lark Quarry, Lunch and morning tea

Pick up at approx 9 am and return approx 3:30 pm

Adults $135  Seniors $125  Child  $95 Family $420


Winton Historic Town Tour

Winton is rich in history from Waltzing Matilda and the early days of Pelican Waterhole, Qantas, sheep and cattle grazing, opal mining evidence of dinosaurs.

On this 1.5 hour tour, you travel by bus around town to see some of the historic sites and buildings and along the way you’ll hear about people who have made Winton the town it is.

Departs:  Tuesday, Friday and on demand

Adults $20  Seniors  $15   Child  $10   Family $50


Bladensburg National Park Half Day Tour

Bladensburg Station was one of the original homesteads in the Winton region and is steeped in history. Nowadays the property is a National Park that showcases that history and conserves the rugged beauty of rock formations as well as diverse ecosystems found in the region.

They visit the old homestead and shearing shed, Scrammy Gorge, Waterhole and Lookout and discover the riverine environment of the route of the river gums on the way back to Winton.

Departs:  Tuesday and on demand

Includes:  Morning tea, Pick up at approx 8 am and returns approx 1 pm

Adults  $65  Seniors  $60  Child  $50  Family  $200


Rangelands Sunset Tour

Visit the jump-up (mesa) region of Rangelands Station where erosion has created narrow channels (rifts) through the rock.  Explore these rift formations before enjoying the spectacular views from the sunset lookout.

Departs:  Wednesday

Includes:  Sunset Nibble (BYO Drinks)

Pick up approx 4 pm and return 7 pm

Adults $55  Seniors  $50  Child  $40  Family $185


Australian Age of Dinosaurs Sunset Tour

Visit the Australian Age of Dinosaurs (AAOD) with the largest collection of Austraian dinosaur bones in the world. Hear how the bones are surfacing and are dug up right here in the Winton region and remain in Winton to be prepared and displayed.  Once everyone else has left the museum stay behind to enjoy the sunset from the Jump-up (mesa) with spectacular views to Winton in the distance.

Departs:  Tuesday and on demand

Includes:  Tours at AAOD, Sunset nibbles (BYO Drinks)

Pick up approx 3 pm and return approx 7:30 pm

Adults $65  Seniors  $60  Child  $50  Family $200



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